Mature FanFics/One Shots 

A lot of people have been asking to if I know any so i decided to make a page for it.

If you have a fanfic please fill out this form in my ask.

  1. Who the fanfic is about. (Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn)
  2. A small description so readers can have a little tester of it.
  3. State whether it is mature, slash, a one shot or if it is just a normal fanfiction and whether it is finished or not.



Louis - Two months ago Cassie Miller graduated from Law school at NYU, now she got her dream job to start her career as a lawyer, she doesn’t want any kind of distraction but what happen when she finds love when bumped into a guy one day, will she choose love or her career as a lawyer? 

Zayn - slightly mature, Riley Pyre is a girl trying to focus on her singing career, but when she finds herself opening for One Direction, she finds herself into one of the boys, or two…

Zayn - slightly mature, finished

ZaynKiara moves from her hometown to London in hope of becoming an professional artist. Her world crashes down around her when she finds out that she hasn’t been accepted to her dream university. She quickly finds out that you can never know what the future will bring.

HarryWhen Penny Moore moves to London the summer before University she meets Harry, she isn’t intimidated by his fame and shuts him down. Put in an awkward situation their chemistry is obvious, feverish to them both. Never letting anyone love and take care of her, will Penny Learn How to be loved and let harry into her life? And will Harry stop his player ways for the love of his life?

HarryCarter Jennings is a photographer that just left home after a terrible accident involving her little sister Lily. She has now moved to Cheshire in search of a fresh start, where she meets a mysterious stranger & the love of her life, Harry. She’s always had an eye for detail & she discovers a symbol in one of her photos. Now, it’s up to her to figure out what it means. While being in the middle of a love triangle.

Harry - it’s quite mature with some sex and cutting. Karla once had a dream to become a singer, dancer and actress. She wasn’t supported by her family so she started to think that she should run away and move to England in order to achieve her dreams. But when she finally gets there many good things will happen to her and she’ll have the sweetest surprise ever that life has reserved for her since the day she born.

HarryLeila and Bae go to meet the boys at a signing wishing they’d stand out, wishing the boys would fall for them… But nothing would prepare them for what happens *MATURE CONTENT*

Harry - Its about a girl named Ever who’s a singer/dancer and shes kidnapped and then falls in love with Harry and is on tour with 1D and the kidnapper is trying to get her again and her ex-boyf is abusive and stuff.

Harry -  Emily Tomlinson wants her big brother’s best mate to notice her and when he finally does, he can’t help but feel bad about it because Louis told all of the boys to keep their hands off his sister. Will it be the best mate’s friendship or the lust and love for the best mate’s sister?


Harry  Harry is taking a break from One Direction after going through a few problems after a horrible break-up that he is not taking well. Emily needs to learn to let go and trust people after the incident that happened. As their paths cross, can Harry move on and Em let go? *HAS SOME MATURE CONTENT; SEX; DRUGS; SUICIDAL ACTIONS.*



Harry - When Louise first started uploading videos on youtube she never thought that a few months later she would be on tour with One direction. Falling in love with a member of the band was actually the worst that could’ve happened to her at that time…

Harry - One night at a party, Harry kisses Brittany not knowing who she even is & it ends with her running away from him. Harrys left baffled as to why, but long does he discover that Britts been here and done this celeb thing before. Unwilling to let her self get hurt again will Harry eventually win her over or will she give him the cold shoulder again? Its mature and kinda funny with things ever teenage girl would think.

Harry - Teaser;  I turned myself to him and placed my hand on his leg. His eyes shot from my hand back to my eyes. Not really understanding what I was doing. I leaned in to his ear and whisperd “Is it hard?” while I trailed my hand further up his leg. I heard his breath hitch in his troath. He looked at me through his long eyelashes with a confused looked. When he didn’t say anything I stood up and walked to the bathroom. “Be right back” I grinned //Liz meets her match when I comes to seducing

Harry - Olivia is a normal girl who has her best friend Harry Styles by her side. Alot of dramatic and bad things happen in her life but with her 9 best friends by her side can she pull through?

Niall Erica and Niall are best friends, but now she’s realizing she’s actually in love with him. does he feel the same way back?

Niall Brett and Kelsey are just ordinary girls who get a chance to be with 1D. Will everything be just dandy or will things fall apart?

Zayn - a girl named maddie goes to london with her dad for two weeks and meets the boys while she is there. anything could happen right?

Zayn - what can you do about a relationship if you are in it before you even notice? can we make the right decisions or will we choose for the ones we desire to be right? if we can’t add more days to our love, we’ll add more love to our days

HarryHarry falls in love with a girl, Allie, on Spring break.

One Shots

Niall & Liam


Louis  I knew it wasn’t right, that what we were doing was wrong in so many ways. But god was it amazing. She was amazing. Us together, was amazing.

Several One Shots