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http://sassqueentommo.tumblr.com/fixyou - Gale Collins is another teenager in the fast growing population of depressed teens in society today. With a dead mother and a drunkard father, who could blame her? One day she meets happy go lucky Harry Styles, who manages to flip her life upside down just like that. What’s in store for this broken soul? Can Harry be the one to fix her?

http://stylesfan-fiction.tumblr.com/fanfic - It is bascially a story of a girl named Katherine whos life turned upside down when her father died in a car accident. Her life really didnt have much meaning but when she meets harry styles in a coffee shop she doesnt realize hes famous around the world. their relationship is getting by people who are trying to ruin them and see if they can be together forever or not.

http://dedicated1dfanfiction.tumblr.com/TeachMeHowtoBeLoved- - *contains mature content* When Penny Moore moves to London the summer before University she meets Harry, she isn’t intimidated by his fame and shuts him down. Put in an awkward situation their chemistry is obvious, feverish to them both. Never letting anyone love and take care of her, will Penny Learn How to be loved and let harry into her life? And will Harry stop his player ways for the love of his life?

http://gottabriyou.tumblr.com/LuckyOnes It is a story about how one ordinary girl ended up dating a member of one of the biggest boy bands in the world and the relationship that saved her life

http://mylifehasonedirection.tumblr.com/fanfictions - ow can the life of a normal teenager change when she falls in love with a super-star? A lot, but what happens, when the star loves her back? It’s like a fairy tale, but how long can they deak with the constant distance, the fame, the hate, the jealousy? Will their love be strong enough?

http://kevin-flacked-hazzas-pussy.tumblr.com/FanFics:) about a girl who is dealing with the suicide of her best friend, and meets Harry, who begins helping her.

http://onedeeeharryfanfics.tumblr.com/FanFiction - Alexa Down and her best friend Hannah Lane have a opportunity to go on a 4 month exchange around Europe. Hannah is convinced this trip is going to change their lives forever, but Alexa is not so sure until a certain group of boys make this trip totally worth while.

http://waitingononedirection.tumblr.com/fanfic - The new girl in town seemed to catch Harry’s eye, the 2 and the rest of the boys share many memories, and laughs as their friendships develop. Read to see where this takes Avery in her life.

http://wanderectionfanaticfictions.tumblr.com/mandyfanfic - Andy Richards is your average teenage girl with dreams that are a little too big. When her dream of becoming an actress comes true, she can’t believe her luck. The night she takes her best friend Nicole to one of her red carpet events, they meet One Direction: the boyband they’ve loved since they were 15. Nothing will be the same. It’s all love, war, and putting on a show.

http://madforstylinson.tumblr.com/tagged/fftoc - o one rejects a date with Harry Styles. No one. That is, unless you’re Zoe Yates. Sick of heartbreak, she refused to let anyone manipulate her emotions, especially Harry. To her, he was nothing more than a pretty face with a bad reputation…or so she thought.  

http://sassqueentommo.tumblr.com/fanficyoharry - April Robbs is an average girl. She lives with her mum, lost her police officer father to a gun, and lives a normal life with her bestfriend, Tory. But what happens when an average girl happens bumps into none other than Harry Styles in a local mall? could it be real? or is it all fantasy?

http://onedirectionslutx.tumblr.com/anotherride - Samantha is a solo American singer, Harry is part of a British/Irish band, One Direction. What happens when One Direction is suppose to open up for Samantha’s America tour? Watch them go through a whirlwind of emotions, breakups, makeups and misunderstandings. 

http://my-one-direction-fan-fiction.tumblr.com/ - Harry and Blair have been friends for over a year now, and they have always had a thing, and when they finally work it out, will it last? or will it end in tears?

http://tomlinswaag.tumblr.com/ he general idea of the story is that harry meets this girl and she doesn’t know he’s famous, they get to know each other but their both keeping secrets.

http://stealmyhearttonight-fanfic.tumblr.com/read - Harry and Skyler are both suffering from tough breakups. But when they meet by chance, the hopes of having a laid back vacation go flying out the door. Can Harry and Sky surivive without each other when they have to go back to reality? Surely their love will prevail?

http://smileniallsmile.tumblr.com/fanfic - arry ‘s home for a week in the middle of his tour and he’s visiting his girlfriend, Ro. Their relationship, even after over a year, isn’t public knowledge. It’ll be harder to hide once Ro gets pregnant at the young age of 17. 

http://xbangtidyniall.tumblr.com/fanfic - *contains mature content* Daisy Taylor isn’t your typical teenagers. With her father a multi millionaire, both her parents old fashioned minded, Daisy is set up for a life her parents have pre-planned of her. Just like them, she’s expected to have an arranged marriage - which is based on someone’s bank balance rather than love itself. On a holiday to the Bahamas, she meets Harry - who by then isn’t famous. They connected immediately but of course, her parents don’t approve as Harry is from a ‘common’ background. Her world is torn apart as her parents ban her from seeing him again. This story is similar to the award winning, The Notebook. 

http://lots-of-1d-fanfics.tumblr.com/fanfic-rescueme - I know it sounds cliché. But when I’ve been called a slut, whore or bitch one too many times at school, its One Direction who save me. Because for the 3 minutes that I’m listening to one of their songs- I feel beautiful. And worthy. I feel like there’s a chance that maybe, just maybe everything will be okay.

http://lookafteryouff.tumblr.com/rememberme - Harry and Ella used to be best friends, until he joined X-Factor. He sorta forgot about her. Two years later she runs into Harry in London, and he tries to get back into her life.

http://zenfulharts.tumblr.com/ - Cora’s life seemed normal. She had five best friends, Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis, she lived with her mother and spent her days sitting in the forest. After moving to her Dad’s place, due to a an agreement between her parents she soon learns that nothing is what it seems. After meeting the mysterious yet attractive Haydn, Cora soon finds out daunting secrets that will change her whole life forever.

http://nourrysexallnight.tumblr.com/tagged/picture-perfect - *contains mature content* Carter Jennings is a photographer that just left home after a terrible accident involving her little sister Lily. She has now moved to Cheshire in search of a fresh start, where she meets a mysterious stranger & the love of her life, Harry. She’s always had an eye for detail & she discovers a symbol in one of her photos. Now, it’s up to her to figure out what it means. While being in the middle of a love triangle.

http://illbeyourlifeyourvoice.tumblr.com/ - *quite mature with some sex and cutting.* Karla once had a dream to become a singer, dancer and actress. She wasn’t supported by her family so she started to think that she should run away and move to England in order to achieve her dreams. But when she finally gets there many good things will happen to her and she’ll have the sweetest surprise ever that life has reserved for her since the day she born.

http://paintingmyfuture.tumblr.com/fanfics - Leila and Bae go to meet the boys at a signing wishing they’d stand out, wishing the boys would fall for them… But nothing would prepare them for what happens *MATURE CONTENT*

http://harrys1princess.tumblr.com/fanfiction - *WARNING, CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT* Its about a girl named Ever who’s a singer/dancer and shes kidnapped and then falls in love with Harry and is on tour with 1D and the kidnapper is trying to get her again and her ex-boyf is abusive and stuff.

http://1djustice.tumblr.com/haterscanbelovers - Bella is a normal girl with a passion of dancing, which lives with her cousin Liam because her parents died in a car crash. She tries out to be a dancer for her cousin’s band One Direction and she gets it. But too bad for her, she has to stay with band member Harry Styles, which she hates. Will she fall for him? Will they fall in love? And how will they battle the threats of 2 anonymous girls out to get them? A story of love, hate, and drama.

http://1djustice.tumblr.com/msff -Jessie is a teen girl, experiencing love and heartbreak. She gets bullied in school every single day, and her best friend is the most popular boy in school dating the most popular girl in school. One day, he opens his eyes and decides to turn that around. What happens when he posts her pictures on a blog, and she applies him for the x factor? How will they cope with the distance? It’s hard, especially when she’s in love with him.

http://walkingonthinicewelovehazzaa.tumblr.com/ - Louise and Harry had been best friends since they were toddlers. As they had grown up together she couldn’t help feeling attracted to him and the feelings had grown stronger. On a summer holiday together she realises that she wants him. But another boy catches her eye and she is caught in the middle of it all and does something she regrets. This takes a turn for the worse and everything comes crashing down on her.. 

http://youremyreasontobreathee.tumblr.com/fanfic1 - Ava is just a eighteen-year-old girl..left with her eleven-year-old sister after her parents are murdered. Her best friend Louis is finally back after going on the X Factor. Ava then meets Zayn at Louis’ homecoming party..but is there something else between her and Harry? And to top it all off, her parents murderer is after her and her sister. Read as Ava battles the worst decisions of her life, and meets the greatest people in her life.

http://1dgetinmypanties.tumblr.com/post/14950891078/harry-fanfic-that-i-write-at-3am-and-various-other - a 17 year old girl called Sarah that generally does stupid things and meets Harry at a work experience and through various realistic life experiences and awkward moments, her relationship with Harry gets pretty damn interesting…

http://amatureharrystylesfanfiction.tumblr.com/fanfiction - Emily Tomlinson wants her big brother’s best mate to notice her and when he finally does, he can’t help but feel bad about it because Louis told all of the boys to keep their hands off his sister. Will it be the best mate’s friendship or the lust and love for the best mate’s sister? *WARNING, CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT*

http://upallnightfor1dx-fanfics.tumblr.com/tagged/glass - Harry is taking a break from One Direction after going through a few problems after a horrible break-up that he is not taking well. Emily needs to learn to let go and trust people after the incident that happened. As their paths cross, can Harry move on and Em let go? *HAS SOME MATURE CONTENT; SEX; DRUGS; SUICIDAL ACTIONS.*

http://onedirection-cause-erections.tumblr.com/DWTSG - How much can Harry cope with when his life is destroyed in the matter of 1 week 

http://one-direction-info.tumblr.com/ifonlyheknewfanfic - Unaccepted by his high-school peers, 16-year-old Randall Brown is a gay teen who stays away from drama and the spotlight. But drama is everything he’ll receive if people find out his secret: He’s in love with Harry Styles, the new kid at school.

http://dearest-1-direction.tumblr.com/IHateEverythingAboutYou  -  Her name is Jessica, Jessica Bauer. Her best friend Harry has known her since they were in diapers, but now that he’s made it big, things aren’t the same. Her emotions finally build up inside her and she let’s it all out. Harry doesn’t think much of it, but what will he do when she is in a potentially fatal accident. Will he ever see her again? Will she ever know him again? 

http://harrystyleshisgirl.tumblr.com/fanfic it’s about a 17 year old girl, Sophie. She moves all the way from Holland to England, Holmes Chapel, Chesire. It’s because her mom is English, and she gots a new and better job offered over there. Sophie has to leave all her friends behind, and has to make new ones on her new English school. She hates everything, untill she meets this special boy..

http://1dkilledmyovaries.tumblr.com/justrememberme - arry and Laura have been best friends ever since they were born. They became so much closer than just friends. Will Harry becoming famous ruin their friendship, nobody knows.

http://nialljamesandnandos.tumblr.com/tagged/you-are-too-beautiful He’s with his stylist, Ellery, who’s ex-boyfriend abused her and still does. She has a two-year-old daughter, Belle, who is pretty much the cutest thing since sliced bread

http://harrysnigga.tumblr.com/fanfic *WARNING: contains mature content* - When Louise first started uploading videos on youtube she never thought that a few months later she would be on tour with One direction. Falling in love with a member of the band was actually the worst that could’ve happened to her at that time…

http://surreal1ddreams.tumblr.com/fanfiction - It is about Harry and it’s a normal fanfiction that I just start started. My synopsis is: “Two completely parallel different worlds somehow clash and everything might not be perfect but they will find ways around it.

http://simple-but-effective-5.tumblr.com/ - This is a story about Louis’ sister that comes to live with Harry and Louis for a little while after moving out from living with her mum. She and Harry start a friends with benefits type of deal behind Louis’ back.

http://1dgetusoverwhelmed.tumblr.com/fanfic -  this girl called Charlie who has known Harry since birth pretty much then Harry came 3rd in the xfactor with one direction and they didn’t speak for a year but during that time he realises how much he loves her.

http://harrys-my-thief.tumblr.com/cant-help-falling-in-love - Amy finds her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend. She turns to Harry, her good friend of many years, and her brother John who is in the hospital for help, but Harry can’t seem to shake the feeling that Amy is more than just a friend. How will he tell her?

http://stolemy1dheart.tumblr.com/fanficdcwol - Audrey’s on aboard at London she met the boys on a funny circumstance. they’re met for each other but need to go through a lot of difficult ways to love each other.

http://1dsgravehh.tumblr.com/fanfiction - After Bea dies, Harry is lost, hopeless, and confused. The only thing he wants to do is crawl into his bed and cry. But the boys plan a private getaway to Los Angeles, renting a private beach house and everything. Harry is thrilled, for once he’ll be able to get away from all these feelings he’s been bottling up for so long. But when the boys drop the fact that their girlfriends are coming along, his excitement turns to dread. Five boys and four girlfriend doesn’t sound like an ideal environment. And then the boys decided to let him in on another secret, they’ll be sharing the house with two girls, Kili and Allie. Honestly, Harry is not excited for this trip anymore. But as he gets to know Allie, he realizes she’s different than all the other girls he’s ever liked, or gone out with. She’s smart and shy and sarcastic. And he likes it. But nothing good can last forever and before they know it, things are thrown at them, testing their relationship. Allie begins to question her feelings for him while he’s on tour, and starts reminiscing about her ex, Jack. Harry gets in contact with a close friend, someone he can’t seem to get out of his mind. But even through all the hardships and battles, love will always prevail, right? One moment is all you need to change your life forever.

http://harrysblood.tumblr.com/ - Chloe was trying to adjust in her new life in London with her uncle after her mother’s death when an unexpected offer came. One Direction’s management had decided to offer her to pretend being Harry’s girlfriend.Harry and Chloe will hate each other from the first moment they meet but can the role of being a couple bring them together?Can love overbeat hatred?

http://harry-niall-louis.tumblr.com/forever-yours - Harry and Ellie had the perfect relationship until one day, everything they had fell apart. Can Ellie really survive without Harry?

http://carrots-spoonsandcats.tumblr.com/post/19017123056/train-to-london a girl named Aria who goes to London over the summer in the hopes of starting college in the fall, and things don’t go as planned.

http://harrystylesismycurly.tumblr.com/fanfic - While visiting her friend in London, Elaine runs into a group of cute boys at the airport, one in particular catches her eye.. Harry Styles. Soon she finds out that they’re all part of a famous boyband. Harry and Elaine’s relationship grows but will it be able to withstand the distance between them when Elaine goes home to the United States?

http://found-myself.tumblr.com/fanfic -  It’s about a young girl, trying to find love and does when she least expects it. It all starts in Central park where “Ribbon girl” forgets her book… and her heart, as she falls for a stranger who happens to be 1/5 of One direction - Harry Styles. It’s not a comedy, but it’s not fully drama either, you will get best of both worlds…

http://0nedirecti0nfanficsxx.tumblr.com/wontsayinlove - carlett goes down to Boolie Beach with her best friend Cloe every summer. There’s the boys that go down every year too - Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Niall. Scarlett hasn’t seen them since a few summers ago when Harry chickened out on their kiss. Now shes back, trying to forget Harry from her brain, especially because she has a boyfriend Cameron. But can the two really ignore their strong feelings? What happens in Boolie beach stays there, right?

http://letsblameitonniall.tumblr.com/summersinlondon - Its about a girl that goes to London for the summer with her bestfriend and her bestfriends boyfriend; to sum it up conflicts between friendship and first love

http://-takeabiteofmyheart.tumblr.com/fanfic - Mariana wants to make it in the music field but she wasn’t expecting to fall in love so desesperatly. Find out more in this romantic and easy to read story.

igotthe1dinfection.tumblr.com/vanillatwilightHeather is from NYC but is staying in London for the summer with her aunt. She meets the boys at JFK as they have the same flight to London. Harry and her hit it off but when he realizes she is not like other girls he’s known and she likes her independence, things start to get rocky

http://5erectionsin1direction.tumblr.com/london - Kelsey and Sam are fresh high school graduates from Minnesota. Their dream has been to travel to London for as long as they can remember. When the day comes, exciting people are met, such as their favorite boyband One Direction. As relationships and friendships develop, the clock starts ticking. Will they decide to stay in London to lengthen their relationships or move back to Minnesota?

http://were-like-nana-na.tumblr.com/fanfics - multiple fanfics


http://narnia-or-bust.tumblr.com/ Harry Styles and the boys come in when they’re in LA and she and Harry hit it off.

http://onedirectionstayforeveryoung.tumblr.com/fanfic - It’s about Harry, and a girl who shares a dorm in university with Louis’ girlfriend, her and Harry meet at a party and instantly hit it off. There’s a few mature scenes.

http://theboywiththestartattoo.tumblr.com/fanfic-samemistakes - Basically, he meets a girl named Heather and she makes him work for her number and they eventually start dating, but there are littles twists along the way that could potentially hurt their relationship.

http://1dmomentsfanfic.tumblr.com/yourreasontobe - Julia thought no one could ever love her until Harry Styles noticed her and her life changed forever.

http://giveonedirectionyouraffection.tumblr.com/theonlyoneforme - About a girl that loves One Direction and has the luck of meeting them but will Harry stop his flirting ways for love?

http://its-everything-about-styles.tumblr.com/Iwasprayingfanfiction - ts about this girl who is best friends with all the boys, but totally in love with Harry, but he has a girlfriend. She even undergoes a major transition, but Harry still doesn’t notice her. Will he ever?

http://harrystylesisasexgod.tumblr.com/post/15250932379/please-can-my-followers-tell-me-who-reads-my it’s about Millie, a girl who has cancer so it’s quite sensitive and really emotional. Um yeah and after her recovery from an operation (which is when 1D visit her) she decides to hold a charity concert to raise money for cancer research and the guys offer to help and the story moves on from there.

http://mariamstyles.tumblr.com/fanfictions/enough - After her parents finally allow her to visit London, Clare meets Harry Styles of One Direction. The attraction is instant and obvious but this relationship will test Clare and her ways. Will dating one of the most famous guys in the world be too much to handle? Will Clare say enough is enough?

why-feelings-have-to-die.tumblr.com/newfanfic  - its about alicia a girl who is adopted by a single mother leaving his little brother alone in north america. The single mother has two sons and they’re twins: george and adam. What is going to happen to Alicia when she finds herself ina love triangle with george and wild curly haired boy named Harry?

http://liampayneglobal.tumblr.com/Sometimes-You-Have-To-Fight - (finished) Becca’s life is perfect, she’s a happy girl and has an amazing boyfriend. But then something happens and she has to leave the town without telling anybody, which breaks her heart as she loves Harry to bits. Will their love remain?

http://niall-liam.tumblr.com/HarryFanfic - Charlee is in love with Harry, she hints at Louis that she is, he hints it to him, Her and Harry get together with disastrous consequences and challenges throughout the whole relationship..will they be together in the end?

http://vas-happening-curlies-fanfics.tumblr.com/THESTORYOFUS - Olivia is a normal girl who has her best friend Harry Styles by her side. Alot of dramatic and bad things happen in her life but with her 9 best friends by her side can she pull through? *WARNING; contains mature scenes*

http://1dallthewayx.tumblr.com/tagged/For_Lust_and_Love - *WARNING; THIS IS A MATURE FANFICTION*

http://justanotherdirecti0ner.tumblr.com/fanfiction -  Its about a girl who meets a funny, caring boy and after a while convinces him to try out for x-factor. As he becomes more and more famous she starts to loose him, but will things be ok? P.s the first paragraph of each chapter is now, and the rest of the chapter is then

http://adoreone-direction.tumblr.com/ - When I landed a spot on this year’s X Factor, my dreams started to come true. And when my mentor, Simon Cowell, brought along One Direction as his celebrity guest judges, things couldn’t have gotten better. We hit it off quickly, but now I want to be more than just friends with a certain member of the band. I just hope he feels the same.

http://itsgottabel0u.tumblr.com/ - a girl moves from New Zealand and meets Harry they start liking each other people get photo’s of them, she gets hate then he takes her to New Zealand with the rest of the band, surprises her with a trip to Queens town in New Zealand just them two but the plane crashes…

http://onedirection-are-perfection.tumblr.com/ - I meet him and the boys on the train to London, we all are starting college there. They aren’t famous, right now. Rosie’s and Harry’s relationship battle through friends, fire, life and death situations.

http://mariskyline.tumblr.com/ - It’s a story about a foreign girl who accidentally crashes against One Direction on the street.

http://heyhoran-fanfic.tumblr.com/ - 7 bestfriends living in a house, every day activities happen

http://1direction-fan-fiction.tumblr.com/ - Lauren & Katherine are best friends of 17 both at the same sixth form college. They never seem to have much luck with anything but their lives start to change when an accident causes them to meet two familiar faces. Life could be a lot more complicated knowing one direction.

http://nina-styles.tumblr.com/publicitystunts - In the industry, the fake becomes genuine more often than you think. Things that start off simply as a publicity stunt often develops into something more. Such is the case for the beautiful Jasmine Bogaerde, a new comer in the music industry whose father recently married Jay Tomlinson. Tasked to go on a tour with five seeminglynormal lads, the petite lass unknowingly gets herself in a screwball situation. The lads’ manager called it ‘the big stunt’ that would gain them the public’s full attention, but is that what Jasmine was looking for? Will getting into kooky situations and occasional fights all be worth it in the end? Guess you’ll just have to find out yourself.

http://hugheyandbarry.tumblr.com/ - My life’s about to change dramatically, I don’t know why but I can just feel it. I pray and hope it’s a good change because my life recently has been full of unfair events. Everything that happens makes me think that the world hates me…that my parents hate me. I always wonder why me? But secretly I know the obvious answer to my question…Everything Happens For a Reason.

http://harrysmoobsareminefanfics.tumblr.com/morethanjustafan - about a girl who meets Harry in Nandos and they end up getting together

http://harrysmoobsareminefanfics.tumblr.com/keepingyourhead - about this girl who meets Harry and then her life basically messes up and goes all crazy.

http://styleslikeharry.tumblr.com/ -  Amelia was finally going to meet the boys, after saving up money and waiting a year. She had flown in from Norway to go to a booksigning, I couldn’t be more excited. But when Harry leaves a little more that his autograph in the book, she can’t believe what the week in London will bring her…

http://accioharryedwardstyles.tumblr.com/ - Charlotte’s your average Seventeen year-old girl. She’s got a crush, on her best friend. Once at his party, she finds out he feels the same. But their relationship has it’s ups and downs, will their love be strong enough to keep them together? 

http://lovely-nialler.tumblr.com/ - Sasha just moved into Holmes Chapel, her parents hoping the switch from London to here will help her with her eating disorder. They move in next to Harry Styles, a guy who might just think he’s being a good neighbor at first, but in the end he will help Sasha and fall for her. It’s just up to her to let that happen, without anything bad getting in the way.

http://whoacalmdowncurly.tumblr.com/ - a girl called ellie who goes to the same school as harry, she gets invited to his party and it all goes from there

http://differenceinme.tumblr.com/ - Bailey liked her home town. It was where she grew up and where all of her friends lived. She thought she would live there forever, until one day. Could moving to Holmes Chapel change her life for the better?

http://pastapanda.tumblr.com/ It’s about a girl named Lily who gets to go to a 1D concert but she sorta missed half of it because she’s got a problem with not getting not enough liquid into her body and she had forgotten her water at home and whoopdidoo, guess what, yeh, Harry noticed and hurries to save the day!

http://harrysmoobsaremine.tumblr.com/ - about a girl who meets Harry in Nandos one day and gets his number. After this, her normal world is thrown into chaos as a relationship unfolds between her and Harry. With her new life and new friends, Jasmine is living the dream… 

http://harry-styles-fanficx.tumblr.com/fanfic -  Ellie works in a music video with Harry Styles. Little does she know that he will play a big part in her life.

http://downon1d.tumblr.com/torn_fanfic - when emily and her brother niall move into their moms fiancees house, life is utterly perfect! They have their best friends Harry Zayn Louis and Liam, their step brother to be Dougie Poynter, what else could they ask for? But when they are married, Emily realises James’ (her step dad) true colours. He knocks all her confidence out and changes her. Will Harry figure out whats wrong and save her from the awful life ahead of her? Read Torn now!

http://downon1d.tumblr.com/harry_and_niallfanfic - Emily+Jenni are twins. They have had a rough life of abuse and pain inflicted by their mother. Their mom sleeps around and always drunk. Their older brother liams been there for them, When they move to Cheshire to their moms boyfriends house, they meet the family friends, Harry Niall Zayn and Louis. Will 2 of these boys change Emilys ans Jennis lives for the best? Will Emily get over her trust issues?


http://emaahstyles.tumblr.com/fanfiction - This a sweet story about a One Direction ‘fangirl’ called Emma who meets Harry after a seat mix up on the plane when she is traveling to LA for a Holiday with her parents. Emma’s Dad is highly wealthy, which means she has trust issue’s when it comes to friends, particularly boyfriends, but finds trust in Harry. Harry and Emma’s relationship develops from just a ‘fangirl’ to something a lot more…


http://ohmycarrots-x.tumblr.com/Fanfic1 (finished) - Very dramatic story of a teenager named Emma whos life in a whole year turns turns extremally dramatic it’s untrue, she is bestfriends with Harry and is Nialls twin sister who she gets on brilliantly with, she is also best friends with the rest of the boys and their girlfriends. Throughout the fanfic Emma is put in lots of danger with her mad ex Jake but will she be able to stop him leaving herself and her friends unharmed? Read it to find out. 

-thebeautifulcupid.tumblr.com/fanfic - Harry Styles and her, Skylar Gibson, were the last two people anyone could have imagined as being .. Together. And she was certainly the last girl to ever be compatible with him.

Nevertheless, looking back, she realised he had always been someone worthy. Worth waiting for; yet not worth crying for, simply because he wouldn’t dare to.
But he wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her .. Was he?

http://fightingcarrots.tumblr.com/LoveDreamsAndLife Its basically about a girl (Laura) who won at a talent show and having a huge career in the music business but one day everything fell apart when a rumor came up that she killed her best friend. So everyone is against her, even her family, so she goes to England, to visit Karolyn who was with her in this singing competition years ago. They’re moving together & after some time they meet Louis and the other boys who weren’t popular yet. there are lots of drama, drugs and heartache. 

harrystylesthatisall-ff.tumblr.com/1stfanfic - (finished) Evie gets the chance to go to London to meet her cousins boyfriend Harry Styles and his band, along with the rest of the X Factor contestants. Evie’s absolutely mad and constantly embarrasses herself, despite her tries to remain cool around her secret crush which happens to be Harry. As the story unfolds, no one is more shocked than Evie herself. 

http://wishforonedirection.tumblr.com/an-old-dream Who says old dreams can’t come true?

http://somethingtolookforward2.tumblr.com/Allaroundme-HSfanfic - It’s a love story between the new boy in town (Harry) and a 17 years old girl called Brooke. Brooke is a normal girl, who wants to get away from her hometown Cheshire and live in London to study Film Production. She doesn’t like her highschool and can’t wait to get away from the place filled with so much drama. She can’t easily find excitement in her life …untill she meet Harry Styles and everything changes. That’s when their love story begins…

There is a lot fun parts, cool characters , “aww” moments, ex-boyfriends, great best friends and most of all.. LOVE <3

http://fanfictionbaby.tumblr.com/fanfiction Annabelle seemed to be the perfect teenage girl. A slim, beautiful A-grade student with the best family and friends she could wish for. when her best friend quickly gained fame from a hit tv show, everything could only get better, right?

A story of true friendship and love taking Belle through her roller-coaster teenage life.



http://haynstalik.tumblr.com/torn - mostly zayn but harry is a main character too.

http://ifyouhate1dgtfo.tumblr.com/iwasenchantedtomeetyou -  It’s about a girl who meets Harry while on holiday, she later finds out her family are moving to Holmes Chapel. When she starts her new school, she finds him there.. Will he remember her and will things return to the way they were? 

http://adore1direction.tumblr.com/fanfic  Amy is just an ordinary girl who won a competition and get the chance to meet her favourite band One Direction. At the Meet&Greet she wanna ask the boys for their numbers but she only gets the opportunity to write her number on Harry’s arm before they left. Amy doesn’t expect Harry would call her but then she gets a text message from him…

http://summerofharry.tumblr.com/  - ask http://whencurlstakeoverrxstorieso.tumblr.com/ for the password. 

http://blameniall1d.tumblr.com/fanfic - louis and harry




http://whywalkwhenyoucanrun.tumblr.com/harryfanfic - Its basically about a girl called Natalie and after going through a rough couple of years she goes on the XFactor and little does she know she’ll run into the same person who caused all her trouble in the first place.



http://nylovers-onedfanfic.tumblr.com its called New York lovers

Its about two girls who fly to new york city and in the airplane they meet Liam Payne and Harry Styles who are also taking a few days off in the city that never sleeps :) Will it be a one time meet or will something more happen?? Read and find out :)

http://harry-styles-lover.tumblr.com/fanfiction Everyone considers Tash one of the luckiest people alive. She knows different. But when she meets Harry Styles everything changes. Follow Tash through the good times and the bad times, but will all end happily ever after?

1 - http://lovingharry-styles.tumblr.com/fanfic - finished
2 - http://lovingharry-styles.tumblr.com/fanfic2
3 - http://lovingharry-styles.tumblr.com/fanfic3

http://onedirectionfanficsandoneshots.tumblr.com/Harrystylesfanficone - About a girl who moves to Holmes Chapel, leaving her friends and family behind then she meets Harry- the cheeky neighbour who adores who but just doesn’t show it… (: 

kimberleyyyy.tumblr.com/harrystylesfanfic its aabout like all the boys but mainly harry and er well its about this girl called harley whos best friends with louis and she meets harry when louis auditions for the x factor and they become closer after meeting up again

http://omglolharrystyles.tumblr.com/Imalloutoffaith basically its about harry and a girl, and shes quite messed up and his just there to help her and stuff, and they fall in love(‘:

http://fanfic2part1.tumblr.com/ - Amber was a normal girl, who had never expierienced love. she had never really fit in anywhere. but when she moves, she finds herself in a mess. she is in love with harry, but theres someone else, someone she would risk everything for.




http://welovehstyles.tumblr.com/harryandlily Lily gets a saturday job at a photography studio. The final 16 of XFactor have a shoot there and then she meets all the boys. It escalates from there ;)

http://welovehstyles.tumblr.com/runaway - Becky is chased by a bad past wherever she goes. When she moves again and meets Harry, she really wants to stay put. Her past catches up on her and causes all sort of drama.

http://welovehstyles.tumblr.com/chasingcars Emily gets a new job as One Direction’s tour organiser and really gets thrown in at the deep end. Working so closely with the boys digs up a hidden secret and a relationship!

http://onedirectionfan-fiction.tumblr.com/Larry - Louis and Harry have always been best friends, but what happens when they get too close, is having feelings for your best friend and band mate something they’re going to have to come to terms with? Or can they both suppress the feelings that are becoming stronger each day.

http://hannahlovesharrystyles.tumblr.com/tagged/timeofourstyles - a fan wrote a letter to the boys with her friends and added her address… the fanfic is around what happens when the boys turn up at her house during the tour.

http://onedirectionfan-fiction.tumblr.com/HeartbreakRecovery A teenage girl called Harriet gets her heart broken by her first love, she goes on to meet Harry by chance, a national heartthrob. The story follows her trying to get over her ex and maybe even finding a new, better love if they can get through a few problems that may face them along the way.

http://-harrystylesfanfiction.tumblr.com/change it’s about a girl called kate who lives a completely normal life, and one day she meets harry and her life spirals out of control. she finds herself falling for harry and there is nothing she can do about it - and harry also finds himself beginning to develop strong feelings for her after a short amount of time. there are loads of ups and downs, unexpected surprises and i work really hard on writing it :-) hope you enjoy xo

http://myheartiswith1d.tumblr.com/1dfanfiction - Hannah auditions for the X factor, and she is paired up with 5 boys to make up 1 Direction. The fanfic follows their rise to fame, their antics and relationships with eachother.

http://onelovegoodlife.tumblr.com/onedirectionfanfiction Join Molly and her best friend Raina, students at a prestigious London performing arts school, as they experience love, friendship, drama, heartache… and One Direction.






http://hazzaedwardstyles.tumblr.com/harryfanfic When Beth finds out she’ll be leaving London and moving to Holmes Chapel she thinks things couldn’t be any worse. Her new school friends warn her not to get invovled with the ‘flirt, player, popular boy’ Harry Styles. But will her heart get the better of her?


http://sunshineandshenanigans.tumblr.com/fanfic Tessa works for a company promoting and supporting different rock bands mostly in the US. When her boss assigns her a new band that’s way out of her comfort zone, she realizes that not everything in life is going to be easy, especially where Harry Styles is concerned. Follow Tessa and the boys behind the scenes of what really goes on in the music business. - - - 1,700+ word chapters. :)



http://one-directionobsession.tumblr.com/harry2 its about a girl called caitlin how she moves to holmes chapel and goes throught life with harry styles, first time with drugs, drink and sex, finding love and losing love. losing friends and everything that she loves. her life is falling apart but soon she will realise something that will build her life back up.


http://blushforonedirection.tumblr.com/IfOnlyLifeWasSimple -its about Harry and his best friend Rosheen. They fall in love, but will it work out for them?!



http://harrystylesmyfanfic.tumblr.com/harryfanfic Its about a girl called Natasha who works at the Holmes Chapel bakery alongside Harry. Natasha hates Harry, how he acts around people and his general personality, also the way he always demands her around. Not only does she have troubles at work, her home life isnt so great either as her mum seems to be getting sicker by the week, leaving her to look after her little twin sisters.

http://1-directionforeveryoung.tumblr.com/fanfic a girl named Delilah who moves to England from America and lives across the street from Harry, they meet on the first day of school and quickly fall for eachother

theworldneverstops.tumblr.com/harrystylesfanfic - formerly known as lucyjanexo

 onedreamonedirection.tumblr.com/TheStoryOfMeAndYou  - “Everyone knows Harry Styles. The boy with the cheeky smile, his dimples , his curly hair and his angelic voice. His ability to melt every girls heart with just one smile. He was popular in school, he had many girlfriends , he was in a band and then just when everyone thought he couldnt be any more popular, he entered the talent show X Factor and stole the hearts of millions of girls. He was living a perfect life from what everyone saw. But, does everyone know the story of his first love ? How he fought for her heart and sacrificied everything but in the end he lost the battle? because thats what you get when you fall in love with your bestfriend.

This , is the story of Harry Styles’ First love. “


www.lianneloves1dxo.tumblr.com/Lily - Lily is an average 16 year old girl. Her life’s great: she’s got the perfect boyfriend, the perfect friends and the perfect home life to make life complete. However, it all takes a turn for the worse when she finds out secrets she’d never even dare to believe were true. Her lifes turns to shatters and she becomes lost. Confused and bewildered, Lily turns to someone she’d never think of turning to before…

Lily is a tale of love, friendship and heartache. ‘Love is all around you, just look round every corner and it’ll be there, waiting to love you…’

http://onedirectioninmybed.tumblr.com/post/2574172110/the-bet Harry Styles; the biggest flirt and charmer anyone in his school or Holmes Chapel has ever met. He’s pretty certain he can score with any girl… that is, until he meets the new girl in school, Emily Chapman. Despite her being reluctant to go out with him, Harry is sure she’ll fall for him eventually. But what happens when a little bet comes into play, and Harry’s heart gets the better of him?

http://fixatedbystyles.tumblr.com/fanfiction - As much as Amy tried to deny it, when it came to Harry Styles she was just another fan girl but someone, for once, someone actually took notice of her and all due to simply spilling coke down a certain curly haired boy. Can Amy and Harry make it through the trials and tribulations of coming from two completely different worlds? 

http://iloveone-direction.tumblr.com/fanfic - about Harry/louis. A girl who is best friend with louis and wants to be with harry so pretends to be a boy to get to know him and falls in love etc etc, dont want to spoil it becuase its not finished!! 


http://hesharryfuckingstyles.tumblr.com/fanfic - Its about an average girl called Ellie and her brother Louis. During the Christmas holidays she gets a new neighbour and at first she doesn’t know what to think of him. They argue constantly and do everything to annoy each other.

 http://harrystyles-fanfic.tumblr.com/Chapters -Set in 2014, Jemma accidentally finds the missing piece of her puzzle in the form of a colleague, but he’s not the average colleague

http://inspiredbyliam.tumblr.com/harryfanfic - Eternity, the biggest girl Band in America, consisting of 2 17 year old best friends, is a band that came from poor families and are now living the dream. On a break from tour, the girls want adventure…and who knows who this adventure could lead them to…

harry-styles-fanfic.tumblr.com/fullfanfic - When a day trip to London with her best friend takes an unexpected turn, Alicia bumps into a boy who, unknowing to her, will change her life. Can she overcome her fears and open her heart to one of the most loved and desired boys in Britain ? Or will her chances of having the perfect relationship be ruined once again ?

http://onedirectionnom.tumblr.com/harrysfanfic Emma (coincidently my name too :P) is a seventeen year old girl (obviously) in college studying drama. She is fighting the fact that she likes a boy called Harry and trying to get over her old relationship.She loves Harry but she doesn’t know it and every time she gets butterflies around him, she discards it as missing her ex boyfriend :D x 

http://shiningshootingstars.tumblr.com/fanfiction - Harry fanfic, quite emotional, slightly dirty, not sure how to describe this one, sorry :)

http://shiningshootingstars.tumblr.com/fanfiction2 - Harry fanfic, Louis’ sister, best friends wanting more, :)

www.bethanvickery.tumblr.com/thatsmystyles - It’s about a girl who goes on holiday and meets harry on the plane and then they kinda become friends…



http://stylesobsession.tumblr.com/ - she has two







http://harry-styles-fan-fic.tumblr.com/UnderWraps - Under Wraps is about Harry and his hollywood girlfriend, who is realy a bitch. His gf runs away and leaves finds her look-alike to replace her while she’s gone. Harry falls in love with the look-like, Sidney and they are put into a lot of trouble.

http://harry-styles-fan-fic.tumblr.com/Chapters - Harry falls in love with a girl, Allie, on Spring break. *warning, contains mature content*